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Zero compromising the deal


Zero leaving money on the table

Getting these cards could be the difference between finally having your best sales streak to date or going home to eat from an empty plate …

There I was, 18 years old and brand new to the whole “door knocking” routine…

I drove out to a new market over 13 years ago to sell door-to-door for the first time. 

My first real big boy job and afraid of belly flopping completely on the doors.  

I showed up to the morning meeting and only knew my few friends that came with me.

There wasn’t the slightest clue in my mind of what I was supposed to say or who I was going to say it to.

We got thrown in a car and dropped off in a random neighborhood.

(sound familiar?)

A basic script with a few one-liners scribbled on a piece of paper was all I had to use the entire day.

My manager only knocked on three doors with me.

Two people weren’t home.

The last one was a lady who was about to walk her dogs and screamed at us to go away.

He then turned to me and said, “I’ll see you at dark, figure it out”.

That left me feeling terrified, nervous, and with a rock in my stomach the size of Texas.

There was nothing I wanted more at that moment than to go home and curl up in bed.

It took me a full week before I was able to get out my pitch clear enough to get my first real deal.

I still remember calling my manager and having him walk me through the paperwork.

The customer was so nice to me and felt like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds hanging over my head.

It made me feel like I could actually do this.

I called my mom and dad that night and told them “I’m going to make this work and I’m going to be great at it”.

13 years later, I have stuck to that plan, which has completely changed my life.

This helped me discover how to “pass the torch” so to speak, to the next generation of sales reps who were just like me then.

That way sales reps, just like you are now, never have to go through the same struggle that I went through.

It’s possible to master what to say and how to present it when homeowners give you objections.

It took me 3 years to finally get good enough at overcoming objections to consistently close deals every day on a regular basis.

That’s when I realized that the secret to closing more deals on the doors came down to how well I could overcome their objections.

I knew if I made it a constant habit to practice overcoming all the possible objections a homeowner could give me, I’d finally make the kind of money I want and would have all the confidence in the world.

That’s why we created the

“knock Cards”

Each card covers objections specific to the exact scenarios every door-to-door salesman encounters on one side and the proven scripts of what to say, how to say it, and when to use it on the other side.

We realized that if we broke the tradition of the regular hefty manuals and the distraction, or even lack of power, on our devices, (#d2dlife)

And instead, go practical AND portable, we could be the first to bring a new spin on some old sales classics at any time or place!

Like when you learn another language or have to study for your next exam,

These specialized sales objection flashcards will give you a huge confidence boost and an edge over your competition!

Each card covers objections specific to the exact scenarios every door-to-door salesman encounters on one side and the proven scripts of what to say, how to say it, and when to use it on the other side.

There’s a reason why hundreds of millions of students who study all kinds of topics all around the world use flashcards just like these to help crystallize key information for supreme memory recall of the content they need to master…

Knockcards will soon be your secret weapon to thinking quickly on your feet and closing your next sale.

Using Knock Cards to master overcoming the most popular objections in door-to-door sales is kinda like taking the red pill in the Matrix. 

It’ll open your eyes to the way top sales leaders build their empire, all thanks to perfecting the only thing keeping your “good” sales career from becoming truly “great”.


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