Solar KnockCards




Using Knock Cards to master overcoming the most popular objections in door-to-door sales is kinda like taking the red pill in the Matrix. 


It’ll open your eyes to the way top sales leaders build their empire, all thanks to perfecting the only thing keeping your “good” sales career from becoming truly “great”.


Want The “Secret Cards” That Simplify The Sales Process On The Doors Instantly Without Compromising Every Deal Or Leaving Money On The Table?

Getting these cards could be the difference between finally having your best sales streak to date or going home to eat from an empty plate…

I started in the door 2 door industry in 2011. I’ve sold pest control, alarms & now solar. While I’ve had much success over the years production-wise, I struggled to break through beating my best weeks. The applied training from knockstar university helped me burst through my biggest week with 23 solar loans closed.”– Jared Ioelu

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