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Without working extra hours or using unethical sales tactics.

Are you falling short of your sales goals?

Still haven’t reached your first $10k month?

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your career and lacking control of your life?

Well, You’re not alone, and luckily for you…

You’re only one decision away from completely changing your life.

What if you could acquire skills and strategies that made it UNREASONABLE for you not to consistently clear $10K+/mo as a solar rep?

My name is Taylor McCarthy, and I’ve closed over $10M in D2D sales in the last 15 years.

In that time, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering my understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling on the door.

Some say there’s no secrets in sales, and that couldn’t be more false.

There are plenty of secrets in sales, and knowing these secrets is what separates average sales reps who just barely get by

From the top 1% sales masters that close deals in their sleep and live the dream.

My mission is to make sure you have everything you need to lock in and level up professionally and financially.

Because there’s no reason you should keep struggling to get by in sales and not live the life you want.

So I’ve broken down these top secret sales tactics and skills into a science that I’m going to reveal to you today.

“Before joining Knockstar I was usually selling around 5 per month, and I was just trying to live, survive, feed the family and make it to the next month. I was not super happy with where things were going in my life and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Investing in the Knockstar training helped me realize my own potential and I’m currently at 32 accounts this month alone.”

– Spencer Green 

How many times have you gotten a door slammed in your face?

Or told to F off?

Or hit with an “I’m not interested” only seconds into your presentation?

Maybe you’ve even been threatened to have the police called on you (I’ve seen it plenty of times).

Do you ever feel like you just can’t convince the homeowners to go solar no matter how good your presentation is?

Do you dread hearing objections because you have no idea how to overcome them?

Chances are, you’ve experienced at least one of these in the last week.

And if you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling stuck in your sales career.

You’re going home at night agonizing over the countless rejections you’ve gotten.

You’re not making nearly the amount of money you hoped for when you started in sales (maybe you’re even struggling to make rent).

Your self confidence is at an all time low and you’re starting to doubt your own sales ability.

These are terrible feelings, and countless sales reps all over the world are experiencing exactly the same thing as you.

But with the right training and knowledge, you can put an end to this nightmare…
And start…

Effortlessly closing deals

Making more money than 99% of all solar reps

Experiencing true self confidence

Start living a fulfilling life as a sales rep

What if instead of forcing yourself out of bed every morning…

You wake up in the morning with a sense of excitement KNOWING that you’re going to make BANK today.

Instead of feeling nervous in the field…

You walk up and knock on doors with UNBREAKABLE CONFIDENCE knowing exactly what to say and how to deliver it.

Instead of being chased away…

You’re able to immediately establish trust and rapport with the homeowner and have them happily agree to hearing what you have to say.

Instead of fearing objections…

You look forward to them because you know exactly how to handle them and use them as opportunities to sell.

Instead of guessing your way through your presentation…

You use your advanced presentation skills to create 100% certainty in the prospects minds and effortlessly close deals.

And instead of being stuck wishing you could close more deals and make more money…

You’re closing more deals in a MONTH than most reps close in a YEAR.

You’re making the income you always dreamed of.

You’re taking your bucket list vacations without worrying about the cost.

You have more time to make memories with your family.

You can finally buy your dream car.

And so on…

Now I know what you might be thinking…

“That sounds great and all, but… Who exactly are you and why should I care, Taylor?”

So let me share with you a little more about myself.

Taylor McCarthy

Taylor McCarthy

I’ve been selling D2D for the past 15 years and have made over $10M in sales. At 18, I became #1 out of 3,200 sales reps in a telecom company.

After that, I moved into the home security industry, and started to hit a rough patch. I was doubting my abilities and was just seconds away from calling it quits. What I did instead was double down and commit myself to doing whatever it took to become #1 in that industry. I finished that year #1 in my company having sold 380 alarm systems, while most rookies were ending with 70-100.

And finally, after 3 consecutive years of being #1 in the home security industry, I moved into solar. And ever since then I’ve dedicated myself to not only perfecting my own sales ability…

But to truly understand every single piece of the art of sales and use that to help other sales reps just like you succeed and achieve wealth.

Something else you might be wondering…

“What makes this different from the hundreds of other sales trainers promising me the same exact thing?”

With most sales training programs you see, all you get is information.

And information without knowing how to implement it is useless.

In Knockstar, you not only learn information you need, but you also learn how to use that information to actually level up your sales career.

It’s designed to completely reprogram your mind and transform you into a top 1% earning salesman.

Because under no circumstances should you accept being average.

This is for the sales rep who is willing to take all the steps necessary to become the best.

And if that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

So if you’re still feeling skeptical, let me to show you what a few of our all star students have to say:

Knockstar University is designed to make your dream life a reality for you within the next 30 days.

This state-of-the-art sales training will arm you to the teeth with the skills and knowledge you need to become a top 1% earner in sales.

Ever wonder why some reps are able to effortlessly close deals and consistently clear 5 figures a month income…

While you’re stuck hustling only to barely cross $5k/mo (maybe even less)?

What’s the difference between you and those top reps?

Well it’s definitely not luck, and despite popular belief, it has very little to do with natural sales ability.

The ACTUAL reason they’re living the dream while it stays a dream for you

Is because they received the right training that allowed them to.

In other words, the ONLY THING that’s keeping you from the life you deserve as a sales rep…

Is that you haven’t had the right training.

So I’m here to help you stop guessing and struggling through sales…

And instead make it EASY, ENJOYABLE and FULFILLING for you.

So what do you say we get you dialed in and on your way to becoming a stone cold closing machine?

Let’s take a look at what’s inside Knockstar University:

30 Days to Become a Sales Champion ($997 value)

In this 30 day module, I spill my secret lessons and exercises that’s helped me close over $10M in D2D sales. By the end of it, your sales knowledge will be on a completely new level, and you’ll be ready to start raking in cash.

The Ultimate Presentation ($997 value)

What if I told you a perfect presentation consists of only a few steps? Here you’ll learn the simple and repeatable, yet incredibly effective to turn your prospects into buyers.

Question Based Selling ($497 value)

Stop lecturing the homeowners, and instead learn how to use these 5 types of powerful questions that get them to sell themselves. Once you know when and how to ask these questions, you’ll talk 90% less and sell 300% more.

Knockstar Classroom ($497 value)

Master the art of persuasion and objection handling, and start turning skepticism into certainty.


Top Performing Sales Mindset ($427 value)

Reprogram your mind and pick up the habits and mindsets of the top 1% sales rep. Never struggle with self confidence and mindset blocks again and eliminate bad habits keeping you from your success.

#1 Salesman Characteristics ($297)

If you want to be a top sales rep, you need to ACT LIKE ONE. When you develop sound product knowledge, people skills, attitude, enthusiasm and discipline, you’ll immediately stand out to both your prospects and coworkers.

Advanced Presentation Skills ($297)

People don’t buy from people they like. They buy from people they trust. In this module, you’ll learn how to sharpen your presentation skills and establish credibility all throughout your presentation.

5 to Stay Alive ($197)

Want to test your limits? Use these challenges to crush laziness, gain confidence, and keep improving as a sales rep every single day.

Mastering Visual Aids ($99)

If you say it, they’ll tend to doubt it. If they say it, then they know it’s true. Make sales easier for yourself by mastering the use of visual aids that SHOW homeowners the benefits of solar instead of you having to convince them.

You’ll also get access to…

In-field Training

Watch and learn. You’ll have access to hours of raw footage of me going through my sales process from open to close.


Access to Knockstar Discord

Gain access and learn from a community of hundreds of motivated solar reps striving for greatness, just like you.

Exclusive access to Knockstar events

Get up to 57% off Knockstar retreats and be the first to know about special events designed to help you become and stay #1 in your company.


Let’s go over everything you’re getting access to:

30 Days to become a sales champion ($997 value)

The ultimate presentation ($997 value)

Question-based selling ($497 value)

Top performing sales mindset ($427 value)

Advanced presentation skills ($297 value)

#1 salesman characteristics ($297 value)

5 to stay alive ($197 value)

Mastering visual aids ($99 value)


Infield footage

Knockstar Discord

Exclusive event access

The #1 most important thing I’ve realized in my 15 year D2D sales career is this…


And achieving greatness requires investing enough in yourself to reach that point.

So right now, you have two options:

Option 1

Option 1

You leave this page, keep trying to figure everything out on your own, and stay stuck in the same place of constantly falling short.


Option 2

Option 2

You give yourself the proven framework and resources to triple your sales and earn your dream income.

Like I said before, you’re one decision away from completely changing your life.

So if you’re ready, book a call with our team and see if Knockstar is right for you.

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